Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Project Life >>> June 16 & June 23

Hello to more Project Life pages!

Week of June 16, 2013. We celebrated Father's Day and my MIL's birthday this week. Plus the kids and I are hooked on the t.v. show Once Upon a Time. We are limiting ourselves to one or two episodes a day to make it last longer.

Father's Day /// Hannah's Drawing /// Yoyo Class @ the Library /// Playing in "Barbieland"

Once Upon a Time /// Family Room Fort /// Gramie's Birthday /// New Pantry ///Scrapbook Night

Week of June 23, 2013. Audrey and 2 of her friends participated in a Les Mis summer camp this week and last week and they loved it! We listened to a lot of Les Miserable music this week. 

We also attempted tie dyeing one afternoon and the kids ended up with great looking t-shirts. I love having the time to do fun project like this with the kids.

Tie-dying /// Getting Ready for Church

Yoyo Class /// Mall Madness Game with Cousins /// Ward Spoke in Church /// The Sink is Always Full of Dishes /// End of Les Mis Camp /// Fruit Pizza

I'm still loving this project!

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