Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Stitch Fix #5

Have you tried out the Stitch Fix service yet? I really do love having a beautiful box of clothes picked out for me and delivered each month. It's definitely an extra fun thing that I won't be able to do forever, but for now I'm really enjoying it. Plus, thanks to some of my readers, I've had some credit to use up thanks to people signing up with my referral link. Thank you!

This month I didn't have a camera person around (aka one of my kids) to snap a few photos of me in my stitch fix options. So I let my bedroom door model the clothes for me.

Benny Shortsleeve Coral Knit Cardigan. I was about 50/50 on this when I pull it out of the box. It was cute and I liked the style, but I wasn't sold. I tried it on over a t-shrirt and then a blouse and decided that it would be a great layering piece to have. I love that it is really lightweight so I can add a pop of color without adding much warmth. Plus I've loving that bright coral color. Keep it.

Sanctuary Smith Faux Leather Trim Pants. Honestly the words "leather trim" in the title made me very skeptical, but I kept and open mind and tried them on. After all, one of the great things about this service is that I get to try things on that I would normally skip if I was out shopping for myself. The fit was not right. They were really loose around the waist and hit at an awkward spot right above my ankles. At least I tried. Sent these back.

Jolie Printed 3/4 Sleeve Blouse. I loved the print and color of this blouse as soon as I pulled this out of the box. I layered this over a white tank top and have worn it with white jeans and denim skinny jeans. Keep it.

Bilson Pleat Detail Tabsleeve Blouse (floral) by Daniel Rainn. This shirt just had too much pleating for me. It was too big and the pattern just wasn't speaking too me. Sent it back.

Navy Cap Sleeve Blouse. This shirt was really simple and cute, but I decided against it because was limiting myself to only two items and this didn't make the cut. Sent it back.

So here's a close up look at the winning pieces from this fix. A fun extra that Stitch Fix includes with each pieces of clothing or accessories is a style card that shows example of how to wear the item. Cool!

Okay, I'm still loving this service. It does cost a $20 styling fee per box, but that is applied to your order as long as you keep one item. You can set up the price ranges and they also take requests (long sleeves, blouses, skirts only, etc.) If you decide to give Stitch Fix a try, I hope you love it as much as I do!

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  1. Loving the items you kept!! I really like the pattern on the pleated one ... too bad it didn't work out for you :)



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