Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weekly Grocery Shopping

Do you like meal planning and grocery shopping?  I must admit that meal planning is not as much of a chore as it used to be since Pinterest is now a perfect place to pin great dinner ideas. I'm using Pinterest weekly now for meal planning and it is so great having food ready each night for dinner.

Even if we wanted to eat out, most nights we are just too busy to even think about that. We have people coming and going and we need to have something ready to eat at home most weeknights. So that means that some meal planning and shopping is a requirement around here.

My husband and I try hard to gather everyone together for family dinner each night so that we have a chance to be together and talk about the day. This doesn't happen very easily when meals aren't planned.

Last week while I was doing the weekly grocery shopping I snapped a photo of the food in the basket with my phone. After loading my photos onto my computer, this photo seemed like a perfect way to record a little slice of our daily life. Got so say I LOVE being able to snap photos on my phone. So many opportunities would be missed without the phone.

I had some fun with my Cameo on the title. It is definitely one of my favorite toys! I love that I can size fonts and images to the exact size needed for each project.

Good luck with your meal planning this week. I'm off to check out my dinner pins on Pinterest to see what we can cook up this week...

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  1. This is such an unique and great idea to document this!!!! VERY COOL!! I just loveeeeeeeee the alphas!! We plan our meals when we go shopping once every two weeks ... we have one night of 'going out' (which is actually bringing pizza home! lol!) on Brookie's dance night!

  2. Great page and such a good idea to focus on the everyday routine rather than just the big events!

  3. FANTASTIC! I do plan my meals but don't necessarily go to the store EVERY week...gotta go check out your dinner pins! :)

  4. great everyday moment page and i love how you cut and backed the title!



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