Monday, February 17, 2014

Arrow of Light

Last fall Max received his Arrow of Light award which is the highest award a boy can receive in cub scouting. After attending weekly cub scout meetings plus hours of the two of us working on things, we were very excited to have him receive his award.

I did a terrible job taking pictures that night. If was outside + dark and I only had my phone camera. There was once okay picture of Max, so that is what is on this page! When I was putting the layout together, I pulled out his scout uniform and snapped a picture of the badge he received that night. It felt more balanced with that second picture.

I was inspired by the Arrow of Light badge image to create a ray design on the background of the page. It was fun cutting up a bunch of papers and assembling for this page.

Max is really a great kid. When he feels something is important, he really works hard to accomplish it. I'm proud to be his mom!

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  1. Ohhhhhhhh this is fabulous!!! I love love love love the bursts you did and the title work!!!!!!!!

  2. I love all the papers used for the background!How fun!

  3. this is AWESOME I love how you made the paper look the rays of the sun!



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