Monday, February 3, 2014

On the Nightstand

Last week before climbing into bed, I snapped a picture of the piles of books on my nightstand and decided that the photo would be the perfect starting point for a layout. I love including snapshots of what our daily life is like right now and I feel like this photo nicely captures one tiny slice of my life.

My layouts are not usually heavy on journaling, but I decided to try something different on this page and just fill it up with word. It only seems right for a page about books, right? I wrote about how I'd discovered each book and a few thoughts about why I want to read them. I love reading, but it definitely goes in spurts. Lately there hasn't been much reading, but I'm starting to feel the itch and hope to read more before going to bed.  I did start The Shoemaker's Wife last night and got through a few pages before falling asleep. I'll report back and let you know what I think when I'm finished reading it.

For the background on the page, typed out "read" several times in my Silhouette software using different fonts and then cut the cardstock. I placed different patterned papers behind the page to add some layering and color contrast. Every time I use the Silhouette I wonder why I don't use it more!

Now we just need to turn the t.v. off at night (it's hard to step away from Downton Abbey and Sherlock!) and just read.

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  1. I am a BIG reader!! I got a Kindle last January -- and now I read outside on the patio every night before heading to bed! I loveeeeeeeeee this!! LOVING you documented this!!!!!!!!



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