Thursday, February 27, 2014

Here We Go

Almost a year ago my husband and I made a big decision to move to a new home about 30 minutes away from where we were living. This meant lots of changes for our family. New schools, new neighbors, new church congregation, etc. We have always felt good about our decision and haven't had any regrets. But still, I worried that the kids would have a hard time finding new friends and making the adjustment.

The photo in the layout captures why I feel so happy about our move. Here is Hannah last month riding her bike off to her friend's house just around the corner. I love that she is happy. I love that she loves the neighborhood. I love that she has friends nearby. I love that she is settled in with our move.

I must say that I love our new neighborhood too. There is a close sense of community and we know many of our neighbors. Just today I got a group text from a neighbor asking six of us in our neighborhood if we wanted to start a protein ball trade on Mondays. How cool is that? I'm thinking I'll try out this recipe for our first trade.

Feeling thankful that the move has been a success for everyone in our family.

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  1. What a perfect little layout! We have to make a similar decision as house prices in our area are too high (we rent currently) but our current ward has loads of young marrieds with babies and the new ward is mainly old folk and older kids but the houses are more beautiful, bigger and more affordable. Its so tricky making big decisions but glad yours went well!

  2. That is awesome that everyone loves the new place/location!!! I loveeeeeeee your lo!! Loving the fun, bright colors and loving that banner!!!!!!

  3. what a CUTE and vibrant page--fits the girl on the bike!



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