Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Jumping on the Waffle Truck Bandwagon

Around here, waffle trucks have become super popular. There are two different waffle truck companies  in town and we've only made it to one of them so far. That isn't because we haven't tried! Last weekend we scouted out a waffle truck and found that there was a super long line. We decided to wait it out, but after a few minutes, the workers came out saying that they were sold out. We'll have to try again another time.

The waffle trucks post on Instagram where they are going to be each night. If you are in the Phoenix area and want to join in on the fun, you can follow My Waffle Crush and Waffle Love so you can track down a waffle.

I wasn't convinced that waiting in line for a waffle is a very smart thing to do. After a little research on the type of waffles they serve, I've found a Liege Waffle recipe. After looking up a recipe, I'm thinking it's well worth paying someone else to make one for me because of all of the steps involved and the special waffle iron needed to cook them properly.  The waffles are rolled in cinnamon and sugar and then topped with your choice of toppings. Nutella, strawberries and cream, anyone?

We went to the waffle truck at night and sadly, my waffle pictures turned out terribly. So if nothing else, I need to return to a waffle truck (preferably with daylight) and snap a few pictures of the deliciousness.

Waffles can count as dinner, right?

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  1. Hmmmmmmmm I haven't heard of these before .... I am going to have to follow them and check this out!!!!! I loveeeeeeeeee your page!! LOVING all the hearts!!!!!!!



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