Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My Stitch Fix >>> January 2014

There is just something so fun about opening a new box of clothes delivered right to my house. I love the element of surprise that comes with every box!

After I ended up returning everything from Stitch Fix last month, I was curious to see how things went with my most recent box of goods from Stitch Fix. I'd decided that if everything went back again this month, then I was going to take some time off from Stitch Fix.

Not sure what Stitch Fix is? You can read my first post about it here.

When I opened by box, I was immediately drawn to a couple of patterns. The navy heart blouse and the coral tribal print blouse were favorites right away.

My personal rule is that I try everything on before deciding. Want to see my options?

Adelaide Silk Ruffle Overlay Sleeveless Top

I loved the soft and flowing design of this tank. This had a soft tank shell layered with silky ruffles on the front and some layering on the back too. I don't wear sleeveless tops and I played around with layering this over things. Sadly, I just didn't look right layered over things. A cardigan on top would have worked, but I felt like that would cover up most of the pretty layers on this. Sent this back.

Camelot Stripe and Polka Dot Cardigan

This is a fun and playfully designed sweater. My nine year old loved it and insisted that I should keep it. When I tried it on, it had an odd fit and I just didn't love the colors and the pattern. (Which does seem a bit odd since I love both polkas and stripes.) Sent it back. 

Rilo Printed Tab Sleeve Blouse

This shirt was love at first sight and I was hopeful that it would fit well. The color + the pattern spoke to me. Thankfully, it fit perfectly and it is now happily hanging in my closet.

Lina Mini Chevron Knit Dress

This dress really is very cute, but as soon as I pulled it out of the box, I knew that it would be too short for me. I like to have dresses to my knee, so I didn't even try it on. I know, I was breaking my rule, but I knew that it for sure wouldn't work. 

As soon as Audrey saw this dress, she wanted to try it on. It fit her perfectly! Before I knew it, she had worked out a deal with her dad that she would pay him for half of the dress and he would cover the other half. Cash was handed over and the dress now happily hangs in Audrey's closet. Lucky girl!

Kieraly Heart Print SHort Sleeve Blouse

I loved the navy + heart design on this shirt right away, but once I tried the shirt on it just felt a bit too big. Bummer. The short sleeves and light material would have been perfect for summer. Oh well! Sent it back.

Each Stitch Fix comes with this handy page showing all of the items in the box plus ideas on how to style them. I really like that this shows my ideas of what to put together that I probably would have thought of on my own. 

There you have it! A look at my most recent Stitch Fix. A shirt for me and a dress for Audrey. I'm calling this box a success.

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This is not a sponsored post. I just love Stitch Fix, use my own money to purchase the items and just want to share with you. The links in my post are referral links, so it you click and sign up for your own stitch fix, I will receive a referral credit.

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  1. Loving that shirt you kept ... bummer about the one with the hearts though .. that is really cute!!!!!



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