Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Project Life >>> Week of September 8 - 14

Last week I realized that I was about 9 weeks behind on my Project Life album and decided that it was time to dedicate some time to cranking out some pages. Yikes! I don't mind being a bit behind, but I don't want to get too far behind on this album. I've caught up on about 5 weeks, so I'm feeling better.

Here's a look at our week of September 8. This was the week I did the Week in the Life photo project, so I had a lot of pictures to choose from. So nice!

Bedtime Reading /// Playing Marbles /// Going for a Run /// Barbieland /// Fun with Friends

Morning Breakfast Scene /// Smoothie /// Snack at Eegee's in Tucson /// New Car

There you go! Another week is complete. Happy day!


  1. We were just in Tuscon last weekend to visit Old Tucson ... we haven't been there in forever! I loveeeeeeee the pages!! And YAY for the new car!!!!



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