Monday, November 11, 2013

Stitch Fix #8 >>> November

Hello! Yes, I'm still loving getting a box from Stitch Fix every month. I love that I'm not out in the mall shopping and cute clothes come to my door. Want to see what came in my box last week?

Dylan and Rose Ruthie Cross-front Side-ruched Top

Loved the burnt orange color, but thought the overall design was a little boring. I didn't like that I needed to layer a tank top under this. I don't know - nothing was really wrong with this, but I just didn't like it enough to keep it. Sent it back.

TCEC Donelle V-neck Button Up Cardigan

Okay, when I pulled this out of the box I thought that it was perfect. I really like the shade of green and that it was a longer sweater. But, sadly, when I tried it on, it just didn't fit right. I think maybe I needed a bigger size so that it would fit around my middle a little better without puckering weird. Sent it back.

Bay to Baubles Double Layered Mixed Coins Necklace

When I first saw this, I thought it might work, so I tried it on. But it was just so big and bulky around my neck. Just wasn't something that I could see myself wearing very often (if at all!) Sent it back.

Lasome Pacific Chevron Print Skirt

This was a really cute skirt, but I already have one very similar to this one. Mine is navy and white and this one is black and white, but the similarity made it so I didn't need this skirt. Sent it back.

Hawthorne Polka Dot Print 3/4 Sleeve Blouse

When I pulled this shirt out of the box, I instantly hoped it would fit right because I loved it. The classic navy + white polkas were perfect. Love the length of the sleeves and the buttons on the front of the shirt. Kept it!

Even though I only kept 1/5 of the items, I'm still very happy with this fix. I have a new shirt that  I love hanging in  my closet and I didn't spend too much since I only kept one item.

I've requested sweaters and a scarf in my next fix and I'm excited to see what they put together. Now we just need this Phoenix weather to cooperate and drop below a high of 85 degrees so I can wear that sweaters.

(The Stitch Fix links in the post are referral links. If you're thinking about signing up and use my link, I will get a referral credit. Thanks!)


  1. Loving the navy top you kept!! Very cute!! Bummer about the cardigan :( That was really pretty!!!!

  2. Cute fix. 1 out of 5 is still better than 0. I have a fix coming on Friday. Getting excited for it now. :)



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