Saturday, July 9, 2011

Painting and Purging

My scrapbook room has now been painted and the clean out is complete for now. (I still need to tackle the closet, but that will have to wait.)

I'm loving the new blue paint!

When I'm finished with the room I'll do a little tour. The main addition to the room is going to be a bigger dest/workspace from IKEA. I wan to have a place to put my sewing machine (it's still in the box and I have no idea how to use it!) plus I want to have a place for my kids to join me.

I'm also planning on moving the cube shelf up on top of the kitchen countertop that is on the left side of this picture. It will really free up some floor space.

Just wanted to mention that Tessa has a new challenge up on the Scrapbook Circle blog. The challenge is to create a layout using a red, white and blue color combo.

Should be a fun and simple challenge, right? Hope you will join in on the fun. You can get all of the details here.


  1. GORGEOUS!! Looks AWESOME! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. GREAT color! so is your siloutte going on your new table? (if you put your ikea shelf up there it the siloutte won't have a home...) I'm wanting to get a new one too but it has to be at least 6 feet long and more stable than this one....might just have to check out ikea too....

  3. the room looks awesome! i love that paint color!

  4. OHHH! Your room looks FAB! I love checking out other studios!! Post more pics soon:)

  5. Fun, Lis! So happy for you! What a great way to get re-energized and create some fun space for the kids too! You go! Love it!

  6. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the color! :)




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