Monday, July 25, 2011

Where Did Summer Break Go?

It was back to school today for my kids. Where did the summer break go? We only get a seven week break, so time really flies by quickly.

The kids were all excited this morning and ran off to be with friends as soon as they arrived at school. I'm happy they were excited about going to school!

Did you know that you can use the elements from the Scrapbook Circle printables with your digital projects too? Here I used the pencils from this printable and loaded them into photoshop with my photos. I just cropped and pasted the pencils right onto the photos.

Also, have you seen the peek for the Scrapbook Circle August Kit?

Watch for the full reveal tomorrow!


  1. Wow... Adam doesn't start till next month... your kids must get out earlier than this side of town?? I loveeeeeee what you did to their photos... they are ADORABLE! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. oh wow! summer is already over? in France we have 2 months of break (and honestly it is a bit too much.. well for mothers at least!!) . your kids look so happy! the kit looks great !

  3. Wow Lisa, it seems funny reading this. Ours have finally broken up for summet today. x

  4. that is seriously amazing! I didn't know--totally excited to try this now! GREAT pictures still can't believe your kids are back in school already!



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